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5 reasons why you should deep clean your home in autumn

We're all familiar with doing a spring clean in the home, but have you ever done an autumn clean? Experts say it can be an essential way to achieve a healthier winter.

Follow these essential steps for an effective autumn clean.

  1. Fresh Thinking ~ The main problem when it comes to passing on germs is the lack of ventilation and warm moist air. This is an ideal environment for bugs and germs to flourish. We are also more likely to be bringing germs into domestic spaces during the winter months on our hands or breathed in within enclosed unventilated spaces. Try to open windows as much as possible. More ventilation can help to freshen stale air and lessen the likelihood of coming into contact with the tiny drops of mucus that are sneezed or coughed into the air.

  2. Winter wipe down ~ To prevent winter bugs being passed via germ-ridden hands, ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned. Areas like doors and handles which are touched regularly are likely to pick up all sorts of germs that can easily pass through body contact. This is especially important if children are around. Ensure these are cleaned regularly.

  3. Floors, furniture and fabrics ~ Carpets, sofas, pillows and duvets/mattresses are another hotbed for mites and bacteria, which should all be regularly cleaned. The onset of autumn is an ideal time for carpets to be professionally cleaned.

  4. Don't let the bed bugs bite ~ On average we expel 200ml in sweat and shed hundreds of dead skins cells every night – and dust mites can live in their thousands in unwashed bedding. Some of the best washable duvets can be washed in a domestic washing machine and dried as quickly and easily as bed linen, so it can be back on the bed the same day. Mattresses are another haven for the mighty mite! The recommended frequency to vacuum mattresses is weekly to reduce risk of mites, but even doing this during an autumn and spring clean is better than not at all.

  5. Empty bins ~ For those who've caught the dreaded winter lurgy, another top tip is to ensure bins are emptied daily – especially if there are tissues in there.

My Organic Clean have availability for Autumn deep cleans so whatever your needs are for your home or office cleaning, do not hesitate to contact Cindy on 07891 207541 or email for a free quote.

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